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Digging, Building and Constructing since 1947

Building Visions,
Shaping The Future

Vernon Nagel, Inc. stands at the forefront of general infrastructure construction, having engaged in excavation, building, and construction projects across the Midwest since 1947.

Our diverse portfolio encompasses roadway construction, underground utilities, bridges, structures, earthwork, and sitework. Our expertise extends to specialized areas like multi-acre mass excavations, landfill cell construction, and site development.

Headquartered in Napoleon, Ohio, we boast a wealth of resources, including a skilled workforce, cutting-edge equipment, and unparalleled experience in the field.


We provide professional solutions to deliver safe & efficient projects

Employee doing bridge work

We Build Projects That Last


We Offer a Range of Services to Meet All Types of Needs


From expansive multi-lane highways to urban city streets and residential driveways, roads form the backbone of our vital transportation network. At Vernon Nagel Construction, we specialize in expertly crafting and maintaining these crucial pathways for safe and efficient travel.


From delivering essential water services to urban centers and managing sewer systems and drainage, our underground infrastructure is indispensable for modern living. At Vernon Nagel Construction, we excel in the construction and maintenance of these critical underground utilities that support our way of life.


Bridges, culverts, and various structures are integral components of our diverse transportation network, ensuring seamless connectivity. At Vernon Nagel Construction, we specialize in the ongoing maintenance, repair, and replacement of these critical structures to sustain safe and efficient travel.


Whether it's crafting expansive multi-acre mass excavations, constructing landfill cells, site development, building pad construction, or creating serene lakes and lagoons, Vernon Nagel, Inc. has the expertise and capacity to fulfill a wide range of earthwork and sitework needs, meeting any project demand with precision and excellence.


At Vernon Nagel, Inc., our commitment to safety is paramount, with a steadfast focus on prioritizing the well-being of our most valuable asset – our employees.


Ensuring a safe and healthy workplace is integral to every aspect of our business, emphasized through rigorous measures such as pre-job planning, weekly tool-box talks, the collaboration of our Employee & Management Safety Committee, daily site safety inspections, mandatory annual safety training, and our steadfast adherence to a Drug-Free Workplace Program.

Creating a Safer Workplace for
Our Employees 


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