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Underground Utilities

Whether the need is to supply water to a major city or to a rural home our underground infrastructure plays a crucial role in our way of life.  Vernon Nagel, Inc. installs all types of underground utilities from storm drainage and sanitary sewers, waterlines, and conduits of all types for ODOT, numerous municipalities and villages as well as private customers throughout northwest Ohio.

Year Project Budget
2016 Drainage Improvements for Antwerp Drive $647,139.00
2016 Brandman Area Sewer Diversion & CSO Removal $142,450.00
2017 Hamler Water Meter Replacement $146,316.00
2017 Hicksville-Bryan & Main St Storm Sewer Imp $1,879,417.00
2017 Archbold Sanitary Sewer Interceptor $741,495.00
2017 Haley Avenue Sanitary Sewer Improvements $543,166.00
2017 N Main Street Waterline Replacement, Hicksville $316,200.00
2017 Cass Road Sanitary Sewer Pump Station Improvements $396,020.00
2017 Ohio St Water Main Replacement & Assoc Improvements $561,594.00
2017 Weston Silver Street Waterline Loop $263,391.00
2018 2018 Downtown Napoleon Improvements Phase 2 $1,031,580.50
2019 Pine St. & Mulberry St Water & Storm Sewer Replacement $1,037,922.00
2019 Holgate Pump Station Replacement $1,067,710.00
2019 Archbold Booster Station Bypass Waterline $41,400.00