Vernon Nagel, Inc.

Vernon Nagel, Inc. is a leader in general infrastructure construction. We’ve been digging, building, and constructing throughout the Midwest since 1947. Our work includes roadway construction, underground utilities, bridges, structures, earthwork and sitework. We specialize in earthwork such multi-acre mass excavations, landfill cell construction, site development and more. Based in Napoleon, Ohio we have extensive resources that include talented people, state-of-the-art equipment and unparalleled experience.

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From multi-lane highways to city streets to residential driveways, roads are an essential component of our transportation system.

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From supplying water to a major city or to sewers and drainage, our underground infrastructure plays a crucial role in our way of life.

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Bridges, culverts, and structures are essential parts of our diverse transportation network.  These structures need constant upkeep, repair and replacement.

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From residential ponds 1 acre in size and larger to multi-acre mass excavations, from landfill cell construction, site development, and building pad construction to lakes and lagoons, Vernon Nagel, Inc. can meet the demand.

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